Danish Husain

Husain’s early career was in banking, but, dissatisfied, he turned to the performing arts when he was about 30 years old.

Husain joined Mahmood Farooqui to help revive Urdu storytelling, Dastangoi and in 2016 developed Qissebaazi, multilingual storytelling. His theatre company in Mumbai is The Hoshruba Repertory.

He has performed in many feature films, including Dhobi Ghat (2010), Peepli Live (2010),Newton (2017), and Soorma (2018). He has also acted in televisions series, such as Taj Mahal 1989 (2020),Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu (2021) and Bard of Blood (2019).

Manu Sikander Dhingra

Manu Sikander Dhingra is a renowned Actor, Storyteller and Sufi poet. He has 25 years of rich experience performing in front of global audiences and is loved for his work and mesmerizing voice. He is the founder of the award winning epic storytelling play Qissa Heer – Waris Shah

Abhay Sopori

Abhay Rustum Sopori  is an Indian Santoor player, music composer and conductor. He is the son of Santoor player Pandit Bhajan Sopori, known for his versatility, innovations and experimentation. Sopori has received awards in recognition of his contribution in the field of music, and is one of the youngest recipients of awards such as ‘Bharat Shiromani Award’ & ‘Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar’ and many more.

He scored the music for the fusion composition titled Haftrang (seven colors in Kashmiri) in 2013 performed by the Bavarian State Orchestra of Germany, together with his Kashmiri folk music ensemble Soz-o-Saaz, giving international recognition to Kashmiri music. The concert was telecast live in more than 100 countries. The orchestra consisted of around 100 musicians.

Fouzia Dastango

Fouzia Dastango, as her name suggests, is an artist of the 16th century oral storytelling art, Dastangoi. She developed a deep interest in the field of arts and theatre since her early school days. She continued learning and participating in her school plays, but couldn’t pursue the art full time. Later, she got trained as an educator and worked several years, developing educational curriculum and supporting herself and the family. However, it took one performance in 2006 when she visited Dayal Singh College to watch a Dastangoi performance and she fell in love with this art form. She has dedicated, since, to learning and practicing this art form and quit her permanent job as a Lecturer at the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) to pursue her passion of being a Dastango (story-teller) full time. In this process, she has also become India’s first female Dastango.

Ragini Rainu

Ragini is a Bhakti singer. She sings Sufi Gurbani and Bhajan. Ragini has performed before national and international audiences. She takes a special interest in composing and writing. For Ragini, immersing herself in the poetry of ancient Sufi saints is redemptive and she wishes to make its profundity as popular as it can get.With a strong base of classical gayaki, her style is embedded with tayari and bhava. Singing raw and robust, her exuberance and her inimitable voice brings to life the ecstatic expression of Sufism, each rendition drowning the audience in the richness of this tradition and sending it into raptures. Ragini sings primarily the structured Sufi Ang and also the Ghazal & poetic Kafi genres. Unquestionably brilliant, she is equally at ease with the traditional genres as with the modern nuances.