Kathaa Lok 2024



Kathaa Lok is a storytelling competition and festival being held in the heart of Delhi on 10th & 11th February 2024. It aims to bring enchanting, unheard stories to the audience and give a unique platform to young and experienced storytellers alike.

Kathaa Lok is presented by Samay Yaan, an initiative of Sashakt Samaj and is being supported by the Ministry of Culture, Govt of India. We are honored to have associations and patronage of private entities committed to promoting art and culture. There are many dimensions to this festival and each dimension is being curated by recognized domain experts in the respective field.

Participation Eligibility:
The competition is open only to the residents of India.
The competition is open to the participants of all age groups school students, college students, professional artists and groups.
There is non-competitive segment as well wherein storytellers can present their performances which do not fit in the competitive segment categories.

Competition Categories:

The participants can register under following categories. An individual or a team can register for multiple categories as well.

Formats of storytelling:

Category 1: SOLO

Category 2: Duos & Group Storytelling (Minimum 2 to Maximum 8 members)

Category 3: Musical storytelling (Minimum 2 to Maximum 8 members)

Category 4: Visual Storytelling (Maximum 6 members)

Solo storytelling: Minimum 4 to Maximum 8 minutes
Group Competitions: Minimum 8 to Maximum 15 minutes

Language of Competition:
Awards and Prizes:

Grand winners of the competition across all categories –
First Place Winner: Cash award of Rs.51,000/-
Second Place Winner: Cash award of Rs.31,000/-
Third Place Winner: Cash award of Rs.21,000/-
Storytelling Format wise winners will be declared for all 4 formats-
First Place Winner: Cash award of Rs.5,100/-
Second Place Winner: Cash award of Rs.3,100/-
Third Place Winner: Cash award of Rs.2,100/-

Ras / Genre ( Akraman, Preet, Hasya, Adbhut, Rehasya, Samaj, Aitihasik, Devlok) wise winners-
First Place winner: Cash award of Rs.5,100/-
Second Place Winner: Cash award of Rs.3,100/-
Third Place winner: Cash award of Rs.2,100/-

A panel consisting reputed individuals of Jury will be appointed for all the rounds at all levels of competition.
Points will be allocated according to the pre-decided judgment parameters.
The decision of the Jury shall be final and will not be up for challenge.
The organizers will have the discretion to declare or not to declare the scores of winners or/and other contestants.

Performance Schedule:

The performance schedule shall be intimated after the registration closes.

Registration fee:
The registration fee for solo participants is Rs. 300/- and Rs. 1000 for group competitions.
Competition Participants shall be eligible to get a snack box on the day of their performance.
Contestants are to observe the following rules:
Stories presented can be Indian heritage story, adapted or originally written.
Stories presented must not hurt or negatively comment upon on sensitive issues such as race, religion, gender, stereotyping and politics.
The contestants have to submit the script of their content for prescreening.
Contestants are only allowed to use the equipment provided to them, Organizers if pre-informed about any requirement with respect to technical audio video equipment shall try to make it available.
The teams have to make a team member available to coordinate with the console tech team during their performance.
Contestants of musical and group storytelling will get 2 minutes time for preparation.
The organizers will have the right to stop any performance at any time if it infringes any rules regulations or spirit of the competition.

Non-competitive segment:
We invite storytellers to come and share the stories on the Non-competitive stage in a language or subject of their choice.
The duration for each performance shall not exceed 5 minutes.


Marks will be deducted if a contestant:
Does not start performance within 2 minutes of his/her name being called to perform.
Presents a story below the stipulated time
Presents a story above the stipulated time

A contestant will be eligible to be disqualified or his/her performance being stopped if:
He / she reads or refers to notes / reading materials.
He / she is prompted by another person.
He/she uses abusive language.
His/her content hurt or negatively comment upon on sensitive issues such as race, religion, gender, stereotyping and politics.

Last Date of registration:

5th February 2024 is the last date of registration.


  • Heritage Stories of India from master storytellers like Premchand, Acharya Chatursen, Dhoomketu, Rabindranath Tagore and more, for the full list, check the website. These can follow in any of the genres/ Ras and will be considered a double presentation of being a heritage story and being one of the ‘Ras’/ Genre
  • Devlok-Ancient Indian Tales: Explore the rich tapestry of ancient Indian tales, featuring gods, goddesses, and epic stories like the Ramayana and Mahabharata.
  • Adbhut-Folklore and Fairy Tales: Dive into the diverse folklore from different regions of India, each with its own unique characters and moral lessons.
  • Aitihasik-Historical Narratives: Uncover the tales of valor, intrigue, and culture from India’s vast history, spanning from ancient civilizations to the colonial era.
  • Sanskritik-Cultural Diversity: Showcase the colorful stories that reflect India’s cultural diversity, capturing traditions, festivals, and customs from various states.
  • Adhunik-Modern Urban Stories: Explore contemporary narratives set in bustling cities, addressing the challenges and opportunities of modern Indian life.
  • Parivar- Family Sagas: Craft intricate stories revolving around family dynamics, intergenerational relationships, and the evolving role of family in contemporary India.
  • Samajik-Social Issues: Address pressing social issues such as gender equality, caste discrimination, or environmental challenges through compelling narratives.
  • Gaon ke Kisse-Rural Tales: Share stories that depict life in rural India, capturing the simplicity, struggles, and resilience of communities in the countryside.

Preet- Love Stories: Weave romantic narratives that transcend cultural boundaries, exploring the complexities of love in an Indian context.